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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Lost Island: The Great Pyramid Visual Walkthrough (part 2)

Lost Island - The Great Pyramid

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Visual Walkthrough

A door has opened in the room, on the right side.

Go ahead, and up the ladder. Kill the two harpies.


At the end of the room, on the right there's a door and a hallway that leads to that big lava chamber.


Shoot the target a couple of times. A ring will pop-up that's on a timer. Also, there's a harpy that comes out so you'll need to kill it.

After the ring comes out, you'll have a couple of seconds just, to make it on the ledge, grapple the ring, and get on the ledge on the other side. It's very hard.

Just made it!

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