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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Egypt: Temple of Khamoon Visual Walkthrough

Egypt - Temple of Khamoon

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Visual Walkthrough

The level starts with Lara arriving on her cool motor bike and entering the Temple of Khamoon

Walking forward you come across a big room. CHECKPOINT.

Gently, get down from the ledge, and onto the floor of the room. There's a golden box, which you can pull, and behind it there's a med kit and some shotgun ammo.

You will see two columns, and in the middle of them there is slab that has a grappling hook ring. Aim your pistols at it (the Z key by default) and then press Q to grapple it. Then, press E and Lara will start pulling the slab, and the column will topple down. Watch out not to stand under it while doing this!

CHECKPOINT. Do the same for the other column.

It will leave you with a way to climb, and take the medikit on that ledge.

Ok. Let's start climbing. Up.

Left jump.

Grab, and up again.

When you reach the top ledge, left jump onto that pole.

Start swinging, and then jump. You will land, and start sliding on that inclined column. When you reach the middle of it, jump forward so you can grab onto next ledge.

Go around it, and grab onto the pole.

Start swinging, and then jump from pole to pole.

Until you reach the ledge.

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