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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Lost Island: The Great Pyramid Visual Walkthrough (part 3)

Lost Island - The Great Pyramid

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Visual Walkthrough

Here we go again. Same story here, only that this time the platform retracts. CHECKPOINT.

Another target. Once you shoot it all hell breaks loose. Two harpies attack. Kill them. After that jump on the slide, then quickly one the poll.

Jump and grab the ledge.

Then the next poll.

Jump and grapple.

Swing and land on the red colored small platform in the corner.

Grapple again, and swing to the ledge on the other side.

Climb up, and onto the next platform. CHECKPOINT.

The game seems to continue in a loop. Again, slide, rotate on poll, grapple, rotate on poll and grab the ledge. It's an extremely difficult level. In my opinion they went a little too far with this one.

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