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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Anniversary +8 Trainer

Tomb Raider Anniversary +8 Trainer Screenshot

F1 - Unlimited Ammo
Freeze ammunition on all weapons. Don't mind the bug on the pistols, where only one pistol fires...

F2 - God Mode
Enabling this option makes you invulnerable. The only way you can die, however, is falling from heights or throwing yourself in pits...

F3 - 1 Hit Kill
As the name says it, enable the option, enter a fight, and hit your foe one time. Instant death !

F4 - Infinite Oxygen
Sick of choking underwater? No problem. Enable this option...

F5 - Infinite Medkits
Acquire at least one item in your backpack, and on use, it'll never get consumed...

F6 - Toggle Speed
This option will allow you to travel with a faster-than-regular speed. It can be increased, but then you won't be able to play the game properly :D

F7 - Save Position
As name says it, stop in a spot - let's say right before a tricky jump - and hit F7. Try to jump, and if you see you didn't make it through - half-way through, not when dead - hit F8 to get yourself back @ the saved position ;)

F8 - Load Position
Considering you saved at least one position, use this key to return Lara to it ;)

Note: Load Position option won't work through walls. So, when saving a spot, make sure you're out in the open, or you won't be able to get Lara teleported back to where you saved you coords ;)


There are two versions depending on the version of the game specified by file size. You can verify this by going to the folder where Tomb Raider Anniversary is installed on your computer, right click on the file tra.exe and select Properties.
Warning: some antiviruses detect the trainers as viruses because they alter memory directly. This is just a false positive, the trainers are safe to use, it is just the way trainers work.
Trainer file size: 80KB.

Are you looking for the second version (+9) of the trainer? Check out this page.

Tip: Is the trainer not working or you have ideas about new features? Use the contact form to let us know.