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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Anniversary Fly Mode and Wall Hack

tomb raider anniversary fly mode wall hack trainer

We’ve done it!


  1. Fly mode
  2. Wall hack
  3. Adjustable height in fly mode

Usage instructions:

  1. Run the game
  2. Go on a map
  3. Enable the tool, by pressing F11
  4. Go up or down by pressing the 1 or 2 keys.
  5. Optionally, you can use the slider, to go up/down faster, by setting a bigger value.


  1. If you get attacked by animals while you are in fly mode, you will fall off the map. Disabling it, will bring you back up on it, on the place you left
  2. Going through a locked door, and disabling the cheat brings you back before that door.
  3. Jumping/crouching while in fly mode will also make Lara drop off the map.
  4. Use it at your own risk.
  5. Possibly many others because the game was never meant to play like that, but it’s still the coolest!


There are two versions depending on the version of the game specified by file size. You can verify this by going to the folder where Tomb Raider Anniversary is installed on your computer, right click on the file tra.exe and select Properties.

Tool file size: 112KB.